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Why E-Commerce website design matters 

E-commerce companies realize that user experience and revenue goes hand in hand. When users find purchases difficult, slow or confusing, they do not convert and tend to leave.

Therefore, your ecommerce website should work hard for you – simplify your business and make shopping effortless. But without a sophisticated site, you are trying to build a great experience on fragile foundations.

Creating personalized experiences is essential to win the hearts of customers and gain market share. When the right products, designs, features and brands come together, users have more reasons to stick around and buy a product.

Pillars of a great E-commerce experience

To sell products, you must sell users on your brand. Directing users to buy means inspecting who they are, what interests them and why they are converting.

Experience-driven design.

In today’s e-commerce scene, the user experience is everything. With the growing number of marketplaces for customers, an attractive user experience becomes a powerful differentiator for a particular store.

Purchasing convenience.

Complex and confusing experiences leave sales on the table. If users can’t get from product page to checkout in a few clicks, later or sooner, they’ll start leaving.

A seamless shopping experience.

The architecture of e-commerce store should facilitate easy and secure purchases. Pages must load quickly and reliably, with a consistent appearance, compelling content, and a search function that meets users’ needs and expectations.

The right integrations.

A static site, separate from your business ecosystem, creates a lot of data entry work for company and disturbs customers with outdated information and limited functionality.

Interaction and personalization.

Customers expect sites to “remember” them with features such as product recommendations, promotions, and a personalized, content-rich experience. As a customer-facing channel, a rich e-commerce experience provides easy access to real-time support such as live chat.

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Our eCommerce development & design process

Our Woo-commerce based store development process includes comprehensive user research, strategic vision and experience-based design to create websites that engage users and deliver business results.

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Plotting the course for success

It takes a team to build a strategy. Once our research is complete, an experienced site strategist brings together experts from several disciplines to gather ideas and define strategic direction.

Once we have identified the way forward, we present our recommendations to your team, and we develop the next steps for designing your e-commerce website.

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Technical Discovery

Assessing the situation

We start by developing our understanding of where you are and what you need. We extract this information by talking to your technical managers and your main stakeholders. This helps us distill the business requirements and the choice of technology, like CRMs and payment platforms.

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Building your storefront’s foundation

Our user experience team learns from our strategy and creates a site map, which summarizes the structure and hierarchy of the site. At the same time, our team draws up a list of site requirements and technical specifications to ensure that it functions as intended once it has been developed.

With blueprints in place, the UX team creates wire-frames that show the layout and interactions, ensuring that all the swipes and clicks turn into a positive experience.

eCommerce website development

Store Development

Making your new marketplace

This is the point where our team brings our designs to life and adds features that guarantee optimal performance.

If you have your own development team ready to implement, we provide specification documents and visual guides to simplify the development process.

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Creating experiences that convert

Design is where the experience really takes shape. From an exploratory session, we work in collaboration with you to define the visual style of the site. Designed from site-maps and wired frames, the designer adds vitality to our strategic concepts by creating color templates for the main site pages for desktop, mobile and tablets.

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Testing + Launch

Ensuring everything works perfectly

As part of the development, we offer quality assurance and testing to make sure your e-commerce site is fully functional. By carrying out tests at many points, we can check the performance, reliability and security of your site and ensure compliance with standards. At this point, we are ready to launch.

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