Social Media Marketing

The challenge and opportunity of social media

There are lots of changes on social media, and quickly. The trends and thus algorithms are updated, users switch platforms and new features appear by time to time, making it difficult to reach people and create loyal followers.

But it’s a social arena, and companies have to keep pace. And when branding, content and strategic distribution work together on the right channels, social media becomes an incredible growth engine.

WebPlover is more than just a social media agency. Backed by our team of talented strategists, copywriters, designers and paid media professionals, WebPlover provides the expertise to create engaging social media experiences.

The marks of an effective social media partner

Building social media following and engaging your audience requires experience in the channel, strategic thinking and the ability to build relationships. A strong social networking partner provides:

Multi-channel marketing experience.

As social platforms continue to grow, they open brands up to fresh opportunities – and slam the doors to old best practices. If the social media agency does not know the latest news of each social channel, it cannot innovate to your advantage.

Content development capabilities.

The content attracts people interested in your business. But if the content doesn’t resonate with consumers or isn’t distributed on the right platform, your audience will go elsewhere for help, information, and entertainment.

Data-driven decision-making.

The data provides insights of your audience and your content. When all is going well, the data keeps your business on track. But if the data pushes your business in a new direction, only those who can change it quickly can keep the brand from slipping.

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Our social media services

Our expertise in social media combines data, content and design to create engaging social experiences that build customer trust and loyalty.

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Research + Social Listening

Discovering what your customers care about

To know what drives your audience, you need to know them on a personal level. We examine the demographics of your audience, seeking insights into their lifestyle, attitudes and interests. We use social listening tools to find out what people are saying – about your brand, your competitors, industry and business topics – generating data for actionable strategies.

We also determine which platforms competitors are using effectively, how they interact with theirs subscribers, and what makes people talk and share.

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Channel Planning + Optimization

Choosing the right channels for your brand

Each social platform offers different advantages. Our research ensures that your business is on the right platforms, and creating the right content for each channel. Whether you’re working on social media for the first time or enhancing the customer experience, our team can help you improve your business pages with new branding, details, call to action, photos and more minute details.

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Content Creation

Driving audience engagement

Content is still king of digital media. And nowhere is that more visible than social media. As a full-fledged social media partner, our expertise in writing and designing ads allows us to deliver every piece of content imaginable, from story-based posts to strong ads.

To keep your followers interested, we use our data insights to recommend the content type your audience responds to and the channels that will have the most impact.

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Organic Social

Establishing a devoted audience

While widespread reach has become mostly through paid media marketing nowadays, organic social media is still a part of customer awareness and a key point of contact. Smart companies are aware of this.

Our team takes advantage of the opportunities to build the following elements for your brand. As part of our organic strategy, we create a content calendar for each channel and optimize messages and content for their unique audiences.

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Amplifying strategic impact

Just as data helps define your audience, it helps maximize your ROI on social media. When the time comes to boost your free efforts, our paid media team launches ads targeting the precise audience. We continue to monitor audience and creative performance, and improve ad spend to make sure your social media marketing investments are used most effectively.

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Measurement + Reporting

Crunching the numbers

Continuous monitoring of social ads gives us great exposure to the big-picture, but we are doing our best exploring the campaign’s KPIs to measure them against the campaign goals. Reporting helps us identify ways to improve targeting, create more brand advocates, and increase the share of your company’s sound on each channel. We keep informing you in detail, usually on a monthly basis.

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