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How important is website design?

The website is a point of contact for the brand, a business tool and a place to generate important conversions. A great website can be a growth engine for the business. While a weak site can hurt your brand.

But premium web design is difficult. Today’s fans have high expectations. You just have a few seconds – maybe milliseconds – to convince visitors that your site is worth it.

With years of experience creating WordPress websites, themes and plugins, WebPlover can create websites that exceed audience expectations. We build performance sites with a focus on strategic planning, compelling visual design and a flawless user experience, in order to achieve superior results.

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How to build a better conversion site:

Each website is designed to achieve different goals – from sales and awareness to engagement. But to create a website that actually achieves these goals, it’s important to design it the right way.

Design for your users.

Put the needs of site users first. If you don’t know what users need, ask them. As a user-centric agency, this principle is the foundation of everything we create.

Design for a purpose.

A great site contains beauty and spirit. Of course, it should look good. But it must also be built with a clear vision of its most important goals and conversion points and how the website will help users on their journey towards achieving those goals.

Design for discover-ability.

The site should be designed in such a way that people can find it – and that starts with seeing the search engines. A good site should technically be optimized and built with attractive landing pages relevant to users.

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Our website design process

WebPlover’s website design style has been tested and improved with many websites over the years, and at last we have chosen WordPress Open-source community as the best platform to make websites with.

We could create custom sites and admin panels, but the truth that we have realized over time is that: WordPress is the best platform which provides our clients a simpler, secured, fully customizable, multi-functional and easy to manage system.

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Discovery + User Research

Getting to know you (and your users)

We start by developing our understanding of your business. We chat with key stakeholders and explore the data you already have, including the performance of any existing site.

Our goal is to start finding users as soon as possible. This can include discussions with your customers, creating or analyzing quantitative research such as surveys, or performing a user test on the current site.

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Envisioning a site that means business

Website strategy aligns the structure, content and functionality of the proposed website with business objectives. This is where we make high-level decisions about the direction of the website.

During the strategy, an experienced site strategist collaborates with user experience, design and content experts to conduct research, identify challenges and opportunities, and make recommendations. At the end of the stage, we present you a strategic document which guides the creation of the site and sets the tone for your project.

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During planning, our UX information engineers and designers convert strategic direction into a site plan. The layout is also where we determine the site requirements and technical specifications.

The first thing that can be submitted is a site map, which shows the structure and page hierarchy of your site. After that, come the wired frames that show the basic structure of each page template. These results are supported by as much user research as possible – we are passionate about presenting our concepts to users to test and improve them.

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Bringing the website to life

Design is where hard work starts to work well. We start to explore a range of possibilities with you and feel how your brand is represented.

Some of our clients have strict brand guidelines, while others seek advice on how to define or rethink their brand – we are just as comfortable working with them both.

The deliverables of the design phase are the models, which depend on the wire structures created during planning. Each model is presented to your team for detailed comments as we progress. Since the fully responsive design is not negotiable, we design separately for the desktop, mobile and tablet, improving each component and interaction for each device.



Finding the words to inspire and convert

Everyone writes. But not everyone writes for the web.

Our copywriters know how to write briefly and convincingly to capture ever smaller attention spans. They know how to make the story unfold and make the pages flow. They can think of a site visitor for the first time and make the page appealing both to humans and to search engine tracking. They will delve into product features, service offerings, etc. to find an echo.

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Maximizing relevance, reach, and discoverability

Search engine optimization is part of the powerful fabric of the website, not an extension. Building your site first, and “implementing SEO” later can lead to missed opportunities or jeopardize existing inventory.

For this reason, every website we develop is designed with SEO in mind. Our SEO specialists remain involved throughout the project to help you create the right pages in the right places. Site maps, cable frames, copies, and even design elements are carefully reviewed to ensure they are discoverable, relevant, and in line with best SEO practices.

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Quality Assurance and Launch

As a full-service website agency, we have specialized website development resources within the company, but we are also comfortable working with internal or external development teams.

We are used to providing coded visual specifications and design documents in a way that makes life easier for the development team, making it easier to create a site that looks like it is expected and works as advertised.