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How To Create Free Website On BlogSpot [With Pictures]

Create Free Website

If you want to create free website, the BlogSpot will be the best choice for you.

BlogSpot is a service which allow you the free hosting and domain for create free website, It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003.

In this article your will get the complete method of creating a free website on BlogSpot, step by step

Let’s Start

You can also watch our video tutorial

Video Tutorial

Step 1:

First go to Blogger and Sign in

Create Free Website


Now click on Continue to Blogger

Create Free Website


Create Free Website


Enter your website or blog name in Title and enter a domain name of your choice in Adress.

You can also add your own purchased domain (Custom Domain) to your blog later, i suggest you to read How To Use Custom Domain In Blogger for additional information.

and select a theme for your blog.

Create Free Website

click on Create blog!

Create Free Website

Your free blog has been created

Now you can edit your blog from the Dashboard

You can view your blog to click on View Blog

Create Free Website

Here i tell you some basics in Dashboard

How to post?

To publish a post ,click on Posts → New Post

Create Free Website

Enter the post title and post content, then click on Publish

Create Free Website

Your post has been published, you can view your published post by clicking on View

Create Free Website

Create Free Website

How to create page?

To create a page click on Pages → New page

Enter the page title and page content, then click on Publish

Create Free Website

How to change the theme?

To change you Blogger Blog theme, click on Theme and selec your favorite theme then click on Apply to Blog

Create Free Website

Here are a few guides for you to read next:

What’s Next!

Now if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know through comment or email, i will try to help you.

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