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How to Add Website to Bing Search Engine [With Pictures]

Add Website to Bing

In this article i will tell you how can you add website to Bing Search Engine

So if you want to show your website at Bing , then follow the steps…

Step 1 :

Go to Bing Webmaster Tools and Sign in using your Microsoft ID and Password

After login, add your website URL

Add Website to Bing

Step 2 :

Now you should add the Sitemap of your website to Bing.

For this, login to your Wordpress site and go to Plugins → Add New

Search for ‘Yoast SEO’ Plugin

Add Website to Bing

Install and activate it.

Step 3 :

Go to SEO → General → Features

Add Website to Bing

Then click on the ‘question mark’ in front of ‘XML Sitemaps’ , then click on ‘See the XML sitemap’

Add Website to Bing

Copy the URL

Step 4 :

Now come back to ‘Bing Webmaster’ page and paste the URL in ‘Add a sitemap’ field

Add Website to Bing

Then click on ‘ADD’ button.

Now you will be seeing page like this

Add Website to Bing

In this page Ownership Verification required

For verification, there are options, i like ‘Place an XML file on web server’ option.

This option works if you using Hosting which allowed Cpanel


If you are using Wordpress Hosting then option 2 (Copy & paste <meta> tag) is for you

For using this option copy the meta tag

then Login to WordPress Website,

Go to → Appearance → Editor → header.php

and paste the code after the <head> tag

Add Website to Bing

Then click on Update File
After this,

follow the step 5


For cPanel

Download ‘BingSiteAuth.xml’ File, then Login to cPanel and go to File Manager.

Upload the ‘BingSiteAuth.xml’ File to your website directory.

( In this case i am uploading BingSiteAuth.xml File to webplover.com directory )

Add Website to Bing

( In this case my website directory is

webplover.com” )

That’s it

Step 5 :

After uploading file to website directory or adding meta tag to header.php, come back to verification page and click on ‘VERIFY’ button

It’s done!

Add Website to Bing

Now your website and all the content of your website will be showing on the Bing Search Engine

Here are a few guides for you to read next:

What’s Next!

Now if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know through comment or email, i will try to help you.

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