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How To Connect Godaddy Domain With Hostgator [With Pictures]

Connect Godaddy Domain With Hostgator

In this article i will tell you how do you connect your Godaddy domain with Hostgator hosting account.

GoDaddy is a cheapest domain seller, you can buy domain from GoDaddy $1.00/yr.
If you want to buy your domain name from GoDaddy and hosting from Hostgator, you can do this and can easily connect the godaddy domain with Hostgator hosting.
( HostGator is a Houston-based provider of reseller, shared, vps, and dedicated web hosting. Now Hostgator is one of the first ranking Hosting and other hosting related services provider. )

So if you want to connect Godaddy domain with Hostgator, then follow the steps

Step 1 :

Sign In to your Godaddy Account

After Sign In click on ‘My Products’ you will see a page like this

Connect Godaddy Domain With Hostgator

Here we will change the name servers of domain with HostGator name servers.

For this click on ‘DNS’ button in the front of your domain.

Step 2 :

Click on ‘Change’ button in the ‘Nameservers’ section

Connect Godaddy Domain With Hostgator

Now select ‘Custom’ in ‘Choose your new nameserver type’

Connect Godaddy Domain With Hostgator

Step 3 :

Now open the new tab in your browser and Login to your Hostgator cPanel

In the Dashboard, Scroll down….

Locate the ‘Primary Nameserver & Secondary Nameserver’ in ‘GENERAL INFORMATION’ section

Connect Godaddy Domain With Hostgator

Copy them.

Step 4 :

Go back to Godaddy ‘DNS Management’ page

And paste the Primary Nameserver in first nameserver and the Secondary Nameserver in second nameserver

Then click on Save button.

Your Godaddy Domain has been linked with Hostgator Hosting.

Here are a few guides for you to read next:

What’s Next!

Now if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know through comment or email, i will try to help you.

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