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How to create Table in WordPress [With Pictures]

If you want to create your content in a table format, then this article is for you. Because in this article we will teach you the easiest method to create your content in table format step by step.

Let’s Start…

Step 1:

We will use the TablePress WordPress plugin to create tables. So first of all download the TablePress plugin.

Note : Using TablePress you can create beautiful grid layouts of your posts, pages, users, and categories etc.

In this article we will give you an idea for using TablePress.

Step 2:

Install the TablePress plugin. If you don’t know how to install any WordPress plugin then read this article, It will guide you on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Step 3:

After installing the plugin, go to TablePress→Add New Table

Choose a name for the table and enter the number of rows and columns accordingly.

Then click on Add Table

create table in WordPress

Your table is ready. Now you can add any content to it.

create table in WordPress

Step 4:

Here we will create posts in the Table (for an example).

There are five rows and three columns in our table.

We will insert post thumbnail in the first row.

For this, click on Insert Image in the Table Manipulation section.

Then click on the columns of the first-row one by one and select an image to insert

create table in WordPress

Images are added.

create table in WordPress

In the second row, we will add the Author’s Name

So we will click on the columns of the second row, one by one, and enter the author’s name.

create table in WordPress

In the third row, we will enter the post content.

So we will write the post text in the columns of the third-row one by one.

create table in WordPress

Now, the fourth and fifth rows are extra in this case, there is no need for them,

To remove these, we will check these rows then click on the Delete button in the Table Manipulation section.

create table in WordPress

The two rows are successfully removed.

Step 5:

Click on Save Changes and copy the Shortcode of the table.

create table in WordPress

Create a page and paste the Shortcode in it, then publish the page.

create table in WordPress

It’s done!

Your posts will look like this:

create table in WordPress

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